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Company Profile

Established in July, 1892
We have been dyeing and processing textiles for 120 years.
Our location is in Kiryu in Gunma prefecture, where is about 100 kilometers north from Tokyo.
We have 94 employees. And have 25 dyeing textile machines. Our company's annual turnover reaches fifteen hundred million yen, which is a middle scale business but we have an excellent reputation for dyeing and processing textiles.
Asakura Senpu

Special processing skills

1. Super water repellent: We were in charge of the 2004 Athens Olympics Japanese swimming team's swimwear water repellency treatment. Developed using this high level of processing technology was the 'Super water repellent'. This swimwear never gets heavy because it repels the water like waterfowl's feather. This super water repellent process is not coating the textile so the textile still keeps the softness and breath ability.

2. Absorb water and quick-drying processing: Not only swimwear but also the uniforms of gymnastic team of Japan in Athens Olympics were processed in our company as well. This textile is good at absorbing waters and sweats. Moreover, it is processed as quick-drying so the gymnast can concentrate on the event comfortably. It is three times quicker to dry and absorbs water than normal cottons. It processes in hot water so it also has durability.

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Kenkichi Kubomura, the sales manager
Address 1-13-24 Hamamatsu cho Kiryu, Gunma Japan
Tel +81-277-44-3171
Fax +81-277-44-3100

The animation of the Super Water-Repellent FUROSHIKI "Nagare" AYAKO Ver.

Nagare is Japan's traditional cloth for wrapping.
This is SuperWaterRepellent processing which can carry even 10 liters of water.
NAGARE is available by not only the furoshiki use but also the sudden rainy substitute for umbrella or camping.
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